LCP Performance ROI Calculator

LCP stands for Largest Contentful Paint and is a critical conversion metric. Generally, the lower your LCP metric is, the more your conversion rate improves and revenue increases.

Conversely, if your LCP value increases, revenue tends to decrease.

This calculator can give you a good idea of the ROI you can hope for after investing in speed optimization of your site or e-commerce store webshop.

The LCP calculator will also reveal how much revenue you are likely to lose if your LCP gets worse – this is why investing in ongoing performance monitoring is such a critical business tool to protect your profits.

The data are based on anonymized conversion rate and revenue data Google Analytics collected over time in 2016 across all niches and sectors.

This tool is adapted from Think with Google’s ROI Calculator which is now deprecated.

Here’s the link for the Google dataset from 2016 that the calculator uses.

We recommend using GTmetrix or Google PageSpeed to get your LCP value. Testing for mobile devices is recommended.

LCP Performance ROI Calculator

Largest Contentful Paint



Potential annual revenue increase when you improve LCP site speed from 4 to 2.5 seconds.